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Your garden can provide a respite from life’s complications while providing great benefit to you and to your family. Across the United States and the world, people seek enjoyment from their gardens. Florida’s subtropical location means gardening in Florida can practically be a year-round event!

This Month…

Dec 2012


• If you began your winter vegetable and herbs a few months ago, you should soon be reaping the harvest! As your plants fruit and develop, keep a keen eye for hungry critters!

Dec 2012

• With the cool weather keeping outdoor activities to a relative minimum, take time now to enjoy your houseplants. Houseplants are a great addition to any indoor environment as they help filter volatile organic compounds and boost oxygen levels.

• As we say goodbye to hurricane season, we see the onset of the dry December and the possibility of freezing temperatures. Watering your plants well the night BEFORE a hard freeze can help insulate the ground. However, if the freeze is a short event, you may do more long-term damage than short-term good.

• Move mulch away from young plants as, contrary to what you might think, the mulch actually makes these plants freeze more quickly.


• Bring the garden into your holiday happenings: use your dried herbs in the kitchen and trim your holly!