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Your garden can provide a respite from life’s complications while providing great benefit to you and to your family. Across the United States and the world, people seek enjoyment from their gardens. Florida’s subtropical location means gardening in Florida can practically be a year-round event!

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Jul 2012


• With the stifling heat, now is the most recognizable time to appreciate the cooling qualities of your or your neighbor's shade trees. If your yard is vacant of large trees, take note which areas would best accommodate a tree. Consider shade canopy on the house or play areas as well as where the A/C unit is placed in your analysis.

July 2012• Insect issues may be on the rise. Inspect your property for standing water to help minimize breeding zones for mosquitoes. Watch your grass for signs of chinch bugs and apply insecticide promptly.

• Heavy July rains have likely leached needed nutrients from your yard and its plants. Fertilize as needed. Consider experimenting with traditional as well as organic products as your yard's needs tend to change.

• If you're a tropical plant appreciator, summer is the best time to add the tropical flair to your outdoor spaces. They don't mind the heat and the color adds great summer splash! You might opt to plant them in containers so they can easily be moved to sheltered areas when winter arrives.